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This is the world's most unique pool, water starts boiling as you clap

There are many mysterious temples in India. Many of which have been uncovered. And there are many such temples. Whose secret is to be uncovered. Today we are talking about Jharkhand, where a quite mysterious temple is located 27 km away from Bokoro City. There is a secret in this temple. Which nobody has known to date. Many scientists also came to know this secret. But they too did not know anything about this secret.

So let's know. About this secret. Actually there is a pond in this temple. If a person goes near this pond and claps. So the water of this pond starts heating up in an amazing English way. It starts to boil and turns into steam. And when the water in this pool never runs out. If ever reduced. So within a few days, it is filled with surprise.

A hoar is surprising. The water of this pool remains warm during the winter and cool in summer. Located in this Shiva temple, 27 km away from Bokaro, people come from far and wide to bathe in this pool.


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