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For a better relationship you need to know these 2 things.

Yoga asana is born in a state of deep meditation.

Mahakal is the only king who gives his devotees 1825 darshan in 365 days.

This process of giving Mahakal darshan starts every day from Bhasm aarti and continues till Shayan Aarti! Baba is adorned in different forms in the 5 Aartis that take place in the temple.

Among the twelve Jyotirlingas, only Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is the only Jyotirlinga in the world, where there are five aartis daily.

Mahakal Jyotirlinga is the only Jyotirlinga in the world, whose reputation has been recognized as the king of the entire earth and the god of death.

Ujjain is the only place in the world where Shaktipeeth is there, Jyotirlinga is also there, Kumbh is also Mahaparva. There are three and a half periods, (Mahakal, Kalabhairava, Garhkalika, and Ardhakalbhairava).

Here three Ganeshas also sit, (Chintaman, Munchman, Ichman)

Its crematorium also has a place of pilgrimage, the Chakratirtha crematorium.

This is the Shipra River in the world's only descending flow.

King Vikramaditya raised the value of this land.

This is the place that gave the great poet Kalidas.

This is the place of learning of Lord Krishna.

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Jai Mahakaal!


Will be surprised to know the price of these 4 things of Mukesh Ambani.

A Tale from Baikunthdham - continued

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