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For stay healthy, at what time you should eat food? Best Free Health Tips For You

Best health tips By which you can live your life better.

To keep health healthy, it is very important to take care of our diet. Says good food is more essential that exercise. With the help of good food, you achieve better health. But there are so many things which not eaten at the right time. Then he can also spoil your health. Therefore it is very important to have knowledge of right time to eating food. So today we are going to tell you right time to eat such seven things.

Milk >>> Always drink milk at night time.


Sugar >>> Sweet things should be used only during the day. Because it's easy to digest in part of the day's race. By doing this you also get less chance of getting sugar.

Banana >>> Banana should always be consumed in the afternoon. Do not eat it by mistake in the night.


Pulse and beans >>> It should always be consumed at night.

curd >>> It should always be eaten in the morning. Never eat it at night. This causes problems like fibers in your body.

Apple >>> It is considered to be the most suitable for use in the morning.


Rice >>> It should always be eaten in the day time. Do not consume it during the night.



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