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Here are 6 simple ways to achieve Peace of Mind.

With the help of Mantra Meditation, get the depth of meditation easily.

Know these easy ways how to meditate

How to meditate. Before that, we should know something about meditation.

How to meditate

What is Meditation.

In simple words, Meditation is the most suitable way to calm your mind. As a person with a calm mind can do any difficult task very easily. So in this way you can solve the most difficult situation of your life very easily with the help of meditation. Doing Meditation gives rise to a new life force. Due to which you remain positive.

benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation.

>>> You start becoming devoid of stress.

>>> Memory power increases.

>>> You have positive thinking.

>>> Enlightenment is attained.

>>> Gives energy to combat physical illness.

How to meditate: 

To do meditation. You have to adopt some method. Today, many methods are there, which you can adapt to meditate and know yourself. Remember one thing, no matter which method you use, every method will lead to the same goal. So you should use only the method which is easy to do.

Vipassana Meditation

So today we know about the method of Vipassana Meditation. Which is very easy to do. To do this you have to sit in a calm position. You can also sit in Sukhasana or a chair. After sitting, you need to be conscious of your breath. Like when your breath went in and went out. You have to keep all your attention on your breath.

After a while you will feel that your mind has completely calmed down. Initially doing Vipassana Meditation for 15-30 minutes will be beneficial. Later you can spend more time as per your will power.


Yoga asana is born in a state of deep meditation.

The knowledgeable people say that one should not indulge excessively with anyone. but why ?

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