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Whether the future event can be seen.

Can we know the future event?

Today we will talk about the unique power found in the human body. Which you must have felt at some time. Through this energy, we can know about future events. We already feel it. When good or bad is going to happen to us.

Mostly it is realized. You must have experienced this many times in life. You thought that something bad is going to happen to me and you will find the next day that this feeling is right. It is very important power of our body. If you know how to use it. So you can use it very easily.

There are many such quotes in the world. Which gives evidence of the existence of this energy. This state then occurs. When your mind is in a very calm state. So while you sleep. So you have a greater chance of seeing glimpses of future events. Because your mind is in a calm stage. At that time the waves of your brain are associated with the waves of the atmosphere. Which gives you a prior feel of the future events.

 The more calm your mind is. You will have the same amount of control on your body. You will be able to feel those unknown powers. Which the ordinary person could never feel in life. Science still denies this. According to him, this feeling comes to you from the collection of old things in your mind.

So guys, what do you believe? Do tell us Thank you !!


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