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If your body remains lean then this is the 5 reasons

friends, It is so important to take care of health. As much as you care about your car. Keep it clean from time to time. When petrol is low, fill with petrol from time to time. Similarly, our body is like a carriage. Which has to be cleaned on time and at the time it has to be consumed with a nutritious diet. If you will not do this. So your body will not work according to you. This will become weak day by day and you will have a great effect on your health. So your first task is to take proper care of it.  But friends you may have seen. Some people, like this. Who keeps the attention of their health

But even after taking so much care, they are weak. If this is happening with you. So be careful. There are many reasons for this to happen. Of which we will talk about the main five reasons.

So today we know about the main 5 reasons for why the body being thinner.


>>> Primary reason DNA:- Inherited health from parents. This means that our health is hidden in our DNA itself. Much like the health of the parents. Likewise, the health of baby would have. If the parent's body is thin. so the probability of children body is also increased to become thin. Such diseases continue to run from generation to generation. If the treatment does not take place at the right time then the results become fatal.


>>> Second reason mental stress:- Tension of anything brings very bad results. Most of our body's diseases start with stress. The disease of the lean body is the main of these. In the stage of stress food eaten by you does not digest in the right quantity. So your body does not get enough amount of protein. So this way your body becomes weak(Lean).


>>> Third reason malnutrition:- Most children become victims of malnutrition. Due to which his body seems to be lean and thin. Malnutrition means that you can not get vitamins, calcium, and nutrients (milk, pulses, curd, fish, fruits, etc.) in proper quantity. Malnutrition can often be seen in poor children's. Therefore the care of a small child is very important.



>>> Fourth reason Diabetes:- Diabetes is very harmful to our body. In this, after eating food, our body stops making insulin. Because of this, this disease(Lean Body) begins in our body. In this disease, the person's body starts to lean day by day And the weight goes down. If such symptoms appear in you, check your diabetes first.


>>> Fifth cause cancer:- If your body starts to lean very quickly. The reason for this can also be cancer. If you see any such symptoms in your body, firstly give your full body check.

So, friends, these were the 5 main reasons by which your body could be lean and weak. So if you like this information, then definitely share it with your friends.


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