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There is a lot of power in your thoughts. So please be careful.

Raja Bhoj had asked these ten best questions to the poet Kalidas

Man has two ways to live life

There are two ways of living a human life. Here some people live in worry and some in thinking/concern. Thousands of people live in worry and only two or four people live in thinking. Worry is a problem in itself and thinking is its solution.

Worrying makes the easy tasks difficult and thinking makes a difficult task much easier.

We do not get defeated in life because the work was too big but we are defeated because our efforts were too small. The smaller our thinking, the bigger our concern and the bigger our thinking, the higher our level of functioning.

In case of any problem, a prudent decision is thought to solve it. There is definitely a way for a thinking person. He has a conscience and does not move away from the problem, but rests.

Tackling the problem means achieving half the success.


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