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Learn about Vipassana Meditation and its staggering benefits.

What does meditation mean?

Meditation means to do any work with whole awareness. This is possible only. When your mind is calm. A non calm mind can never achieve the stag of Meditation. So it is very difficult to calm the mind immediately. So many methods were found to calm the mind. One of which is a very important method Vipassana Meditation. Which we will know about. That how should it be done and what are its benefits.

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana literally means seeing and returning. This is a very ancient method. Using which Mahatma Buddha attained enlightenment. In this, the seeker has to be conscious of the movements of his body.

Before doing vipassana, you have to adopt these five principles in your life.

>>> Non violence

>>> Stealing away

>>> Follow celibacy

>>> Don't use profanity

>>> Abstain from drugs

When to do Vipassana Meditation:

You can do this anywhere and anytime. No special time to do this meditation. If you do one hour in the morning then it would be best. Because the energy is available in the morning does not get any another time.
Vipassana Meditation

How to do Vipassana Meditation: 

Give yourself some time to calm down before meditating. When you feel that your mind has calmed down a bit. So you sit down in Sukhasana and close both your eyes. After that, take all your attention towards your breath. As if your breath is coming out now. Now your breath is went inside. In this way, keep watching your breath activities. You will feel that after some time your mind will start to calm down.

When you become expert in this, then you have to feel that your breath is starting from where and coming from which parts of your body.

How to meditate

Benefits of Vipassana Meditation:

>>>Vipassana meditation for amazing peace of mind

>>>To relieve stress completely

>>>Known for the complete diagnosis of all types of mental problems.

>>>It is a divine practice to make the mind healthy.


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