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Make body and mind powerful with the help of Breathing Exercise.

Meditation is used to calm the mind. Breathing exercise is very important to deepen meditation. If you feel that you are unable to get the depth of meditation. So you must use Breathing Exercise.

Breathing Exercise
Why it is important to Breathing Exercise .

When the amount of oxygen in your body will be high. Then your mind will be calm. So increase the volume of oxygen should be use Breathing Exercise.

Which Breathing Exercise is most beneficial.

>>> Anulom Vilom :  In this, you have to release your breath from one nostril to the other nostril and breath from the second nostril and release it from the first nostril. It must be done 10 minutes before meditating.

>>> Kapalabhati :  To do this pranayama, first sit in a comfortable position. You put both your hands on the knees of your feet. Now close your eyes. Now breathe in such a way that your stomach swells and exhales completely so that the stomach shrinks. Now try to do this action very quickly. You can do this action at least 80 to 100 times in 1 minute.
Both of these Breathing Exercise are very beneficial for deep meditation. With which you can get deep meditation in a very short time.

Note: Do this Breathing Exercise in the morning, empty stomach only.

breathing exercise

What are the benefits of using Breathing Exercise?

>>> The mind will be calm
>>> Stress relief
>>> Diseases will be removed from the body
>>> Digestive system will be strong
>>> Immune system will be stronger


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