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list of people who disappeared mysteriously

Many strange events happen in the world. Which you can't even think about. We will learn about similar incidents. We will know about the 5 mysterious disappearances. They have not found anything yet.

List of people who disappeared mysteriously

DB Cooper

DB Cooper : This person hijacked an airplane. Demanded 2 lakhs. When his demand was met. So before the plane landed, he jumped from the ship with a parachute. Nobody ever saw that person after that day. After a lot of efforts from the CBI, some of those dollars were found in the Columbia River. But that person has not been found yet.

The Tank Man

Tank Man : This incident happened in China. When the Chinese tanks were going to suppress the protest by the students. Then suddenly a person comes in front of those tanks. And tries to stop those tanks from moving. But that person is pulled inside by the crowd. The person has not been identified yet. who was that. Where did it come from? But after doing this, the rebellion suddenly calms down.

Babushka Lady

Babushka Lady : This woman was seen there at the time of the murder of John F Kennedy. Everyone believes that the woman is behind the killing. It is said that the woman killed John F Kennedy with a gun hidden in the camera. A photo of that woman has come in many cameras. But no one could recognize him because of the presence of the camera in front of him. The CBI conducted a lot of investigation. But the woman could not be traced.


The Falling Man

The Falling Man : When the twin tower was attacked on 9/11. Then a person fell from the top, head down. Many pictures have captured his fall. But he has not been identified yet. Who is that person? Where did it come from?

The Man From Taured

The Man from Taured : In 1954, a man landed at Tokyo International. When the security check person asked the person where he came from. So he took the name of taured. His passport, driving license, etc. had a stamp on that place. But surprisingly, there was no such place on this earth. On the basis of suspicion, the security check keep the person in a nearby hotel. But after some time he disappeared from there. As of now, the person was not detected.

These were 5 Unsolved Disappearances who have not yet been traced. If you like this information, then do share it with your friends.


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