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The people of this city turned into stone in the blink of an eye.

Today we are going to tell you something that you will not believe. A city where people turned into stone with the help of spinach.

Now let us explain why this has happened. Darsal is a city that turned into stone in a few moments before the wrath of nature. Every person living here became a stone. So tell us, we are talking about the city of Pompeii. It was a famous city in Italy. But in 79 AD, the city was destroyed in an instant by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius volcano.

This city, with a population of 20 thousand, was swallowed by the lava emanating from the volcano. People living here were buried 13 to 20 feet below, but no one knew that this volcano would freeze these humans and make stones. According to a report, the city had a temperature of 250 ° C (482 ° F) when the volcano erupted.

Which was enough to eliminate a human being. The body of the people living here turned into stone due to the volcano. Since the excavation of this city, stone bodies have been coming out continuously. Everyone was surprised at this.


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