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Some things you don't know?

Today, we will tell you things that you will hardly believe. Our world is amazing, there are people of different choices in it who do such feats which are enough to surprise.

1. You must have heard the name of the dictatorial dictator of Germany, Hitler, due to which people are still in awe but Hitler himself was also afraid of the cat.

2. Usually, we are served differently in a restaurant or hotel. But in a restaurant in Taiwan, the food is served in toilet shaped utensils.

3. How many people usually live in a family? You would say up to 4,5 or 7 people. But there is a family in India in which a person lives in a 4-storey 100-bedroom house with 39 wives and 94 children.

4. We like to eat chocolate. For your precaution, tell us that you should never feed chocolate to Kuto because the theobromine in chocolate can prove to be very dangerous for the digestive system and heart.

5. You have heard that a moment is precious to you, but do you really know how much time is in a moment? No, we tell that one moment is equal to the 100th part of 1 second.


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