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10 fascinating YOUTUBE facts that may surprise you.

Friends, In today time everyone know about Youtube. It comes in the world's largest search engine. So today we know some interesting facts about Youtube. From which you will know the power of YouTube.

1. Youtube was started on Valentine's Day "14th of February 2005"

2. After Youtube's fame, Google bought it for 1 billion and 65 million.

3. Youtube in China, Iran and North Korea is Ben.

4. In Youtube the name of the most watched "Despacito". Its 5 billion and 46 million views.

5. Youtube's longest video is 596 hours 31 minutes 21 seconds.

6. 400 hours length of video are uploaded to YouTube in one minute.

7. Youtube's number one channel is "PewDiePie". After this the channel "T-Series" comes.

8. Youtube's CEO is 'Susan Bojsky'. She had rented a garage to make Google's office.

9. The first video on Youtube was uploaded on April 23, 2005 on the channel named 'Javed'.

10. Every day 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube.


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