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People were Surprised to See Strange Things in the Sky

An amazing sight was seen in the sky in San Diego. People also captured it in their camera. According to the video, a bright thing appeared in the sky, which is seen falling rapidly towards the ground.

It is common to see the stars falling apart, but this time the shining thing was seen quite large in size. The fast-falling bright figure suddenly stops in the sky.

What happened after that was even more shocking. The figure stops for a few seconds but shortly it splits into two. After seeing this, the people scream. The person who recorded this video is named Chris Wilson and he has uploaded it on YouTube.

A popular channel aired this video and discussed several related topics with experts. Where many people did not rule out the possibility of flying it. At the same time, some people also say that the place where this thing appeared. There is a NASA center, where it often appears.


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