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Best way to know how to become a youtuber.

Today we know how to become a youtuber.

In today's time, earning money is very easy. Just you need to know the right way. You can use many websites to earn money. But the best website from my point of view is YouTube. Youtube net worth is approx $40 billion.

how to become a youtuber

A lot of scams are seen in the Internet world. But this website is absolutely safe. You can work at this place without any investment. The best thing in this is that you do not need to go anywhere. This is the easy way to make money at home.

You can do all your work sitting at home. You will need a laptop and fast internet. So let's know about youtube channel ideas, due to which you can become a good YouTuber. 

So, today we know how to become a Youtuber.

To earn money from YouTube, you have to upload videos in it. With the help of which you generate income. But there are some rules for uploading videos. About which we will go further.

Before that you have to take care of some things before starting YouTube.

1. You have a laptop and fast internet.
2. You should have an account in YouTube, which will be created by your Gmail Eid.
3. The video you upload is not copywrite. Meaning, there video should be not post by other one.
4. Never post videos against YouTube policy. Like violence and porn etc.
5. To be a good YouTuber, you should put at least one video a day and you should have knowledge of SEO.

youtube channel ideas

How to become a successful youtuber ?

To become a successful youtuber, you have to be patient along with smart work. It is not that you started your work today and in 1 month you started earning millions.

You have to work every day to become a successful youtuber. Most of you stop making videos after some time. Because their main objective is money. You have to be patient for that.

If you want to become a successful youtuber. So you have to keep these points in your mind.

1. Why did you join YouTube? If for the money, then you have to be patient.
2. You have to make videos on one topic only. If you make them on different topics, then there will be difficulty in understanding your followers.
3. Fix one time to upload the video. Like you have to upload a video a day at 4 pm.
4. Instead of prolonging your video. Try to make it short and clear.
5. Try to make your video intro the best it can be. Because the start time of the video tells the quality of your video.
6. You have to learn SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. Which will rank your video.
7. You need to learn to make video thumbnails properly.
8. You have to create an account for the name of the channel on social media. Such as Facebook, Instagram etc.
9. Video editing has to be learned. There are many editing tools in the market. But from my point of view Wondershare Filmora is the best tool.
10. After the video is uploaded, he has to share it on his social account. So that more people will see your video. Which will increase your Subscriber count.

easy way to make money

How do you earn money as a YouTuber ?

So let's talk about your most asked question. How do you earn money from YouTube? For this, first you have to upload the video. When someone views your video after being ranked. So you get money from that.

Simply, the views of the video make you money. Now many of you ask that how many views will get how much money? Friend, there is no direct answer to this. You get money from ads that come on videos. The more views.

The more ads will show. So more ads mean more money. So different advertising gets different money. The most important thing is that the price of money is determined by the country. If you are looking for an advertisement in India, you will get its price less. But even if you are watching advertisements in America, then you will get good money.

So all this work is about the country and keywords. So I have asked you for this. It is also very important that you learn seo. If you make a video without seo, then you will not get much money from it and it will take a lot of time for that video to be ranked as well.

So you must have known this way. How to make money from youtube.

How to get famous on youtube ?

If you want to be famous on YouTube. So you have to improve your skill. That skill can be anything. Like if your way of speaking is good. So you will be very famous on YouTube very soon. You just have to recognize that skill.

You will get many such quotes. People who were not known before. But in today's time, a person is no less than a celebrity. This is the best platform to be famous. There should be some great skill in you. Like you know to dance well or your voice is very sweet.


Can anyone become a YouTuber ?

This question is a bit difficult to answer. A little hard work and more depends on your luck. Do you know that every day thousands of people come to YouTube to try their luck? But only a few of them are successful.

But if you have the skills then YouTube is for you. It will definitely take some time but you will definitely get success. If you have come for a time pass then this is not for you.

I will give you an advice Do not depend on YouTube for the rest of your life. They continued to do some other business together.

Is being a YouTuber a good idea?

This is a great question. Which is a very simple answer. Becoming a YouTuber is a great option. With this you can earn a lot of money sitting at home. If you become a successful YouTuber, you will not have to go out and do a job.

Through this you can become famous in a very short time. You just need to identify your skill. Through which you can move forward a lot in your life. So my opinion is that you must use this platform once in your life.

Who are the richest youtubers?

 -- World Top 8 Richest YouTuber 2020

1. Daniel Middleton (YouTube Channel: DanTDM) Earnings: $16.5 million.

2. Evan Fong (YouTube Channel: Vanoss Gaming) Earnings: $15.5 million.

3. Dude Perfect. Earnings: $14 million.

4. Mark Edward Fischbach (YouTube Channel: Markiplier)

5. Logan Paul. ...

6. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (YouTube Channel: PewDiePie)

    -    How much does pewdiepie make a year - $15 million / Year

7. Jake Paul.

8. Ryan ToysReview.


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