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Do you know how to become smarter ?

Today we know how to become smarter?

If you think "i am not a smart man". So you are going to face a lot of trouble in life. To live life in the best way, it is very important to be smart. Most of us think that we cannot be smart. Are you one of them? If yes, then we will tell you about some of the best tricks by adopting which you can improve your level of smartness. Where you will get the answer to the most prevalent question "how to become smarter".

how to become smarter

I.Q level is observed to measure our smartness. According to scientists, the person whose IQ level is more than 130. It comes under the category of smart people. Smartness also depends on person thinking.

 How to get smarter 

You must have these 3 abilities to get a good I.Q level.

1. Imagination : If you can easily imagine an situation. So your imagination power is good. So that your I.Q level is good.

2. Logic : If you can collect two information and create a new information. So it helps to know your logic power.

3. Memory : If you easily remember the events that happened in your present time. So this shows the power of your memory.



Combining all these three powers shows your smartness. If you are smart, you will be able to take difficult decisions of life very easily.

Can you become more intelligent?

The answer is yes, with the help of these 5 technique you become more intelligent.

So today we will know some best ways to how to be smart.

person thinking

1. Read a Little Every Day :

Do you know that reading the book 15 minutes a day increases your smartness. When you spend some time of your day doing some study, your mind becomes active.


Spending some time in the day is best for your brain. For example, exercise is necessary to keep the body fit. Similarly, to make your mind strong, reading any book is very important.


If you try, you will start reading the book for a short time. So you will know that a different type of confidence will come in you. Having a book will change your perspective of thinking.

So at least 15 minutes a day should be read.

how to be smart

2. Learn new language :

If you want to increase your smartness. So you should learn a new language in your spare time. This improves your brain's recall process.


Your learning capacity is increased. Along with this, by learning a new language, there is a lot of opportunity in your career. If you learn a new language. So your personality also improves.

When you learn a new language, you will have increased patience capacity with learning. Which is going to be very useful in your life. So, in your free time, learn a new language. Which will develop your smartness more.

how to get smarter

3. Play Brain Games : 

Just like you do daily exercise to keep your body strong, you must do something to make your mind strong too. There is no better competition for him than Brain Games.

Playing a brain game gives you a good chance to increase your brain power with entertainment. This game can be anyone. Be it a computer game or a mobile or a physical game. My favorite game is chess.


By playing brain games, closed parts of your brain become active. Which gives you a view to think better than others.

i am very smart

4. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument : 

The relationship between music and humans is deep. When you start learning music. So there is a rise of a feeling of love in you. Because of which your relationship with other people becomes sweet.

It is the quality of speaking the language of love in you. Because of which everyone starts loving you. You should make time for music in your life.

When you start learning music, your mind starts to calm down. Which gives you the ability to overcome difficult situations of life easily. You must learn music to be smart. In this way you can become smart in talking.

how can i get smarter overnight

5. Daily 10 minute meditation :

Yes, you heard it right. You cannot be smart without meditation. One can also be smart whose mind is calm in every situation. It is very difficult to calm your mind without meditation.

Meditation is the best way to calm your mind. In the morning, 10 minutes of meditation is considered the best. All you have to do is close your eyes and pay attention to your breath.


You will feel that in a few days you will start to control your mind. In this way you can increase your smartness. In this way you will say i am very smart.

How can I get smarter overnight?

Now let's talk about what's going to benefit you in life by being smart.

1. Your influence on other people will be good. They will start giving importance to you.

2. You will be able to handle the difficult situation of your life easily.

3. Your dealings with people will start getting better. Good relations will be established.

4. Other people will be affected by your confidence.

5. You will stay away from negativity and keep going forward in life.


If you want to be smart then you should keep these things in mind.

How to be smart and confident ?

1. Do not tell your heart talks to anyone.

2. Plan your future in advance.

3. To have a good time, you should have some money.

4. Learn from your mistakes, never repeat mistakes.

5. You should know what is good and what is bad in you.

So these are the best tips living smarter life.


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