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List of best single player pc games for you.

Today we will talk about 5 best single player pc games. This is the best pc games. While playing, you will feel the real world.

Friends, the graphics of these games are very good. Today, the games that I will tell you, will only run in high end gaming puck or you will need ultra graphic card to play the game.

best single player pc games

List of 5 best single player pc games and this is the best single player pc games of all time.


The first game is: GTA 5

This game was made by Rockstar Company. This is about 6 years ago. Despite this, it is still very popular today. Perhaps you have played this game before. Once you definitely play it in ultra settings.

If you do not like its graphic. So definitely install Vanila mode. After which, the graphics of this game will get better. I believe that after installing Vanilla mode, no game's graphics will be so good as compared to this game.

Doom pc game

Second game comes: Doom

If you like fighting games. So this is the best game. Previously, it was built in 193 by id software company. Subsequently, it was remade in 2014. The story lines of these two are similar.

There is a lot of difference in graphics. Lightning effect of this game is very unique. In this game you will get to see a lot of fighting.

Star War BF 2

The third game is: Star War BF 2

Friends, this game is inspired by the Star Wars movie. If you see this movie, then you will like this game very much. The graphics of this game are very good.

There is not much difference if we compare this game's graphic, Star War BF 2. Talking about the story of this game, it is very good. This game was created by EA DICE.

Rise of Tomb Rider

The fourth game is: Rise of Tomb Rider

This game has many parts. Everyone has the same story. In which there is a girl who solves the mystery by going to different places. The graphics of this game are also very good.

People who played in 4k. He has said very well about its graphic. If you like fighting games. Then this game is for you. But the action of Doom game is much better.

battlefield 1

The fifth game is: Battle Field 1

Friends, this game is the best. I liked the graphic very much. Even if you play it with the medium setting, it still has no effect in the graphic.

This game was created by EA DICE. The game is based on World War 1. In which you have to play with many different roles.

So guys, this is the 5 best single player games of all time.

Now this question arises. Will single player games disappear?

Before knowing the answer to this question, we know what single player and multiplayer games are. In which a player plays with computers. It is called single player game and in which more than one person can play the game.

We call it multiplayer games. But in today's time, the demand for multiplayer games has become very high. Due to which some game company stopped making single player games. So friends, we can say that the future of single player game is in danger.

Here is the list of best free single player pc games.

First of all, you have to know that the quality of free games is not as good as that of a paid game. If you are crazy about playing games. So you will never download free games. Downloading a free game means that you are cheating on the game makers. Waste their hard work.

When you download free games. So you do a cracked version of it. Which is absolutely not safe from the security point of view. It may also contain a virus. So keep in mind when you are downloading free games. Then you should have the latest antivirus. So that you can avoid the risk of virus attack. So here is the list of best free single player pc games.


When were computer games first invented?

So guys, you know about the best games. Do you know how we have progressed in the field of games? Meaning, you know about the history of the game? Which game became the first. What game was invented after that? So let's know.

In today's time, we have got many ways to play games. Such as pc games, mobile games, x box etc. We go on about 50 years ago, when games started being made.

But this game was very boring. The purpose of those games was not to play but to train or research. We are talking about 1958 when the first game was made.

Which was called tennis. But unfortunately the game stopped in the first year. Because of its expensive price. After that people started making many games like puzzle, sports etc. But due to their expensive prices and boring, they also could not survive.

Ralph H. Baer then invented a game in 1972 by a man known as the father of the game. Which used to be on TV. Whose name was Pong. This game became very popular.

Then came Packman in 1980.
Then came Duckhunt in 1984.
After this, the 1985 famous game Super Mario came out. After that it progressed to become a great game.
Then in 1989 Prince of Persia.
Takkane in 1994.
Then in 1997, the GTA appeared for the first time.
After this, collections of best games started appearing.

So you must have known from this how difficult our journey was. How hard our game developers work to make a game.

According to research these are the best single player pc games 2019.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
2. The Last Of Us 
3. Red Dead Redemption 2
4. Kingdom Hearts 3
5. Super Mario Odyssey
6. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
7. God of War
8. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
9. God of War
10. Stardew Valley

Here is the list of best single player games on steam.

1. Portal 2
2. Terraria 
3. Factorio
4. Euro Truck Simulator 2
5. RimWorld
6. Mount & Blade: Warband
7. Garry's Mod
8. Slay the Spire
9. Half-Life: Alyx
10. Doki Literature Club

So friends, this was the information of best single player pc games. Apart from this, some questions will also come in your mind. Which is the best game in the world.

Which game to buy etc. In an easy language, there is no direct answer to this. According to everyone, the answer is also different. So I can answer your questions according to myself.


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