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List of most interesting facts about the internet.

What do you know about Internet?

Today we will know the most interesting facts about the internet. Who does not know the Internet? It has become very famous in all corners of the world. But there was a similar period. When no one knew it. So let's go back to the time when internet was in its primary stage.

What is the difference between the internet and the world wide web?

There is a big difference between internet and www. The Internet is a global network of networks. WWW is collection of information which is accessed via the Internet..

facts about the internet 

When was the Internet invented?

The Internet started in 1969. America has the biggest contribution in making it. The Internet was born when the US Advanced Research Projects Agency connected computers from four universities through networking.


It was previously named ARPANET. At that time only American military could use it. When in 1974 ARPANET was used by the Telnet company. So it named it Internet.

What is the most interesting thing on the Internet?

So let's know the facts of the Internet that will not be heard before.

mind blowing facts 

These are the mind blowing facts about Internet History :

1. You will get to see Billions website on internet. Do you know. The first website name is This is a simple html page.

2. You must have heard about hacking. If you have heard, then tell you that a survey has shown that more than 30000 websites are hacked every day. Take care if your website is on the Internet.

3. was the first domain name in the world. Let me tell you that more than 5000 domain names are registered every hour.

4. You must have known about Email. But do you know who sent the world's first email, then tell you that in 1971 Ray Tomlinson sent the mail to himself. In which he used such word QWERTYIOP.

These are the facts about the internet 2020.


You all must know Google. It is the world's largest search engine. In this, you can find answers to your questions very easily. So let's know something unknown about it.

mind blowing facts 

Lets know the wtf fun facts about Google :

1. Different images will be seen in your Google home page. It is also known as Doodle.

2. If we talk about search, then more than 60000 searches are done on Google in 1 second.

3. Google bought YouTube in 2006. Let me tell you that in today's time YouTube is the second ranked website in the world.

4. Google earns 90% of its revenue through ADS. You will be surprised to know his earnings. Google earns about 1 million dollars in 1 second.


Who doesn't know YouTube today. It is the second most searched site in the world. YouTube was created in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. But Google bought it in 2006 due to its popularity. So now we will know something interesting about YouTube.

wtf fun facts 
Lets know the wtf fun facts about Youtube :

1. YouTube's first video was me at the zoo. The video was done in 2005 in a channel called Javed.

2. YouTube is available in 76 languages. Can be seen in 88 countries.

3. 400 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube in a minute.

4. According to views, the first number is the T-series channel.

5. 'Despacito' is most liked video on youtube. In current time it has 37M likes.

Facebook is a very popular social media site. Which was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Today, 2.6 billion active users are associated with it. It currently launched new facebook dark mode theme. So let's know some interesting facts about it that you may have never heard before.

and that's a fact about Facebook

Lets know the wtf fun facts about facebook :

1. A facesbook report revealed that it has more than 14 crore fake accounts. Most of which were fake accounts from India. Most of those accounts were named angel priya.

2. If you want to see the ID of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. So you have to search google or type a url . 4 is the number of Mark Zuckerberg's ID.

3. If Facebook's server goes down. So Facebook's owner has to suffer a loss of $ 25,000 every 1 minute.

4. Facebook tracks your activity. Meaning what you search in browser. It does so for this. Because according to your activity, they can show you ads on Facebook.

5. On every day 1.5 billion Facebook search occur by users.

And that's a fact about Facebook. If you like this interesting statistics, then definitely share with friends.

So friends, these were the fun facts about the internet world.


After these facts, we are going to tell you about the 5 best websites. Which you should also know about. Believe it, you will get to know some fun information.


You are Getting Old : This is a very interesting website. In which you have to fill your DOB. After filling this website will give you a lot of information about which you will not even know. Like how old you are, how many times you breathed, how many times your heart beat. What important events happened during your birthday. You will also get information about earth from this website. Just like how much earth has traveled since your birth. How many times has the earth turned etc. You will like it very much. You must see it.

Make any Flag : In it you will see a flag waving. The special thing of this website is that you can change this flag according to your own. You can replace it with your own photo or your company photo. You will see this flag waving. Whose wave you stop. Must visit this website once.

Robot dance : In this, you will see a robot dancing. First you will get the option to choose the robot. After choosing, you will see that robot dancing. The best thing in this is that you can change her dance of your choice. It will be fun to see this website once.

Virtual Arrangement : In this you will see a board. Which you can rotate with the help of your mouse. Apart from rotating, you can also right-click in it to make blocks. Clicking on those blocks will collapse. The funniest thing is that the way they fall is just like the real world. Like in the real world, gravity is affected. You will see the same effect in this board. Is very funny.

Revolving Google : In this, you will get to see Google's search home page. But surprisingly. That it must be spinning round. You can search anything in it. Whatever result will come after the search. That too must be going round and if you open a website. So you will see it moving round. So in this way you can enjoy this revolving process.


You are Getting Old : View website 

Make any FlagView website 

Dancing RobotView website 

Virtual ArrangementView website 

Revolving GoogleView website 


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