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Let's know some interesting facts about Adwords.

Best business level strategy to grow your business with less time.

Through Google Adsense you can earn sitting at home

Google Adsense is a very good platform. Through which you can earn sitting at home. You will not have to pay any kind of fees to earn from this platform. You have to create an Adsense Account. One thing is that you can only earn from it when you have a blog.

Here's is the step how to create an account in Google Adsense.

First Step >>> Type Adsense in Google and open the site to create your account. Most of your email account will run.

Second Step >>>  Login after the account is created in Adsense. After login, you will see the Adsense dashboard in which the amount of money you earn is shown.

Third Step >>> This step is the most important. In it you will create your ad. Through which you will earn. For this, you will see ads written in the left bar. After clicking on it, clicking on ad units. After that, the new ad unit will appear. After click on it. You will see 3 types of ads. Which you can put on your blog.

There are 3 types of ads.

>>> Text & display ads

>>> In-feed ads

>>> In-article ads

Forth Step >>> Once the ads are created you will get a code. Where you want to show ad paste on the part of the code. After a short time, Google's ads will appear in place of the code. The person who read your blog. So if he clicked on that advertisement. You will earn according to those ads (CPC) Cost Per Click.

>>> Things to keep in mind <<<

>>> Firstly, you have to get verified your website. For that, click the site in the left menu bar and registered that site.

>>> Earnings in Adsense are in US Dollar. You can only withdraw your earnings after $ 100.

>>> After 10 $ your PIN will be generated. Which will verify your home address. There will be a 4-digit PIN in your house. Whichever fill 4-digit PIN will activate your account.

>>> If you create more than one account. Then your account will be deleted.

>>> If you clicked on your ads. Even then your account will be deleted.


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