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As long as the real alcohol is not available to the people, then people will keep drinking fake alcohol

See my friends, the influence of alcohol will remain in the human race until the effect of samadhi increases. As long as real alcohol is not available to people, then people will continue to drink fake alcohol. Counterfeit coins only last until real coins are available. Governments all over the world try to stop alcohol, this will not happen. They are always trying this.

Sadhus Mahatma keeps on saying governments that ban liquor, they will fast, they will do this, and they will do that, liquor should be stopped! But no one could stop the alcohol. By different names, man has been searching for drugs in different ways.

I see it is outside the governments to stop alcohol. But if the liquor of Samadhi starts spreading a little, the real coin descended on the earth, then the fake should stop. If we make the temples a place where, there will be worship, fun and song and enjoyment and celebration, and if we do not live life with misconceptions, live with healthy perceptions, and life becomes bad luck then alcohol will be lost automatically.

The man drinks alcohol because of sorrow. If the misery subsides, then the liquor is reduced. The man drinks alcohol to forget himself; Because there are so many concerns, so much suffering, so much pain, what to do if we do not forget? If the anxiety, sorrow, pain is reduced then the liquor of the man is reduced.

Ashtavakra Mahagita

Osho love.


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