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To protect your mobile phone from the eyes of hackers, use these methods.

In today's time, where technology has advanced. The technology is also being misused a lot. All have different methods of use. Someone is using technology to know someone's intelligence. So someone to harm someone. As we are getting involved in technology. We have to understand how to avoid the dangers from it.

Our today's topic is mobile. Today no one is like this. One who does not use a mobile. Mobile is such a dangerous thing. After the hack, no one can complete your complete information. One can achieve it in a moment. In today's time, we store all our information on our mobiles. Such as an account number, ATM card PIN number, or any important information. Which we store in our mobile for fear of forgetting.

And if you do not use the lock in your mobile then this is for hackers. It is the best thing for him by which he can easily hack your mobile and get all your private information very easily.

Today we know. Some tips about which you can improve your mobile. Which makes it even harder for hackers to hack your mobile. First of all, use 6 digit Passcode instead of 4 on your mobile. Using 6 digits makes it 100 times difficult to guess the password. And activate the Self Destructive feature with Passcode. To activate this feature on the iPhone, you have to go to Settings and go to the Touch ID & Passcode section to activate it.

This has the advantage. That if your mobile was stolen If stolen, a person will enter the wrong password 10 times. So all the data on the mobile will be automatically deleted. In this way, no one will be able to read the personal information lying on your mobile.

Keep updating your mobile from time to time. The advantage of updating is this. If the company finds out. That hackers using which Technique can cause your mobile to malfunction. So the company removed that bug and renewed it. The updated version launches. Which makes your mobile Horror more secure. So remember. It is very important to update the mobile.

So by adopting these small methods, you can secure the information lying on your mobile phones.


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