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Human body is very mysterious. No one could fully understand it till date. This body has many unique powers. Which we cannot even guess. So today we are going to talk about one of them. Which is called mind over matter meaning telekinesis.

Have you ever heard its name before? If not, we will tell you. Telekinesis is one such force of human being. Through which, any item can be easily moved.

Mind Over Matter Meaning

Now you will ask that is telekinesis possible.

Yes, it is absolutely possible. In this, you have to awaken the power of your mind. In this, the brain waves have to be concentrated at a particular place. When the density of that wave is strong. Then you can do such amazing miracles.

Next we will try to answer some important questions. for example

>> is it possible to learn this power

>> how to do telekinesis

Our dear scientists say that this power is not scientifically possible, but friends, you should use this process. Then tell later. Whether it is possible or not.

So let's start with telekinesis definition. Like we told about it earlier. Telekinesis is called that energy. Through which you can move any object through your mind without touching it.

how to do telekinesis

To learn this, you have to use very small items first. Like some paper.

See, first of all you choose such a room. In which there is no pressure of air. So after that you have to put that small piece of paper in a pot filled with water. Now look at him with concentration. And order that piece in your mind to be right or left.

Nothing will happen in the first few times. But when you do this for a short time, about 2 months. Then you will start getting results. Then now you can use it on big things.

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