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The living temples contribute to the fulfillment of your wishes.

The temple is a very special place. Where you go to purify your mind. This place has a type of positive rays. Which helps all your sorrows, pain and wish fulfillment. So do you know what happens? What is the science behind this? If not, watching the video till the end will definitely reveal many mysterious things.

The first thing you should know. There are 2 types of temples. A living temple and a lifeless temple. It is very important to know the difference between these two temples. The living temple is Bah Temple. Where there is a bass of a deity. Devata means that a person's energy is in that temple. That is then possible. When a person has survived, I will stay at this place. If the temple is alive. So that temple is very perfect. All your grief is removed by just going into it.

Because some living force is working at that place. Like if you have a guru. Which is a very perfect soul. Let him go by telling you. To make this place my temple, or mausoleum. And when someone will call me with a conscious heart. Or someone will complain So I will definitely do it. Because that temple is Sanjeev. Has awakened Which is the link between the two. That is the promise. The word was given by the deity of that temple.

Must have seen your If a new temple is built. So it has first life dignity. This is what it means. That idol in the temple. Stirring the energy of the deity in it. If the temple is awake. So no one can harm that temple. Because the energy of the deity of that temple is on flow. She will protect that temple.

So only a living temple can fulfill all your wishes.


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