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Are we able to know our past life?

Casteism's past life regression, what happened in the past life. We all are interested to know about it. How we died in a past life. We lived in a previous life, in which house or place. All these things must have come in our mind at some time or the other. But are you really willing to know your past life?

Before knowing the previous birth, first of all, we have to know ourselves. You will say that I know myself. Like I have a fat body or thin. My eyes are like this. How much do I know now But in this matter, tell you that knowing yourself means not knowing your outer body? Identify your inner body. Who am I? It has to be constantly monitored. If you get angry, you have to find out.

Where is the anger coming from? Which part is my body? Which helps in bringing down the emotions of my body. At first, you will find it very difficult. What is happening In the beginning, your mind will also be distracted. But it's a matter of time. After that, it will start to freeze.

One thing to remember in your mind is that the more you go inside. They will become more stable in the deaf world. Now you will keep an eye on your body movements. The more your mind becomes calm and stable. With which you will have the power to stabilize and balance yourself. And use that power to further the activities that take place in your day. Meaning that you have to remember the activities of your whole day.

You can do this work even before sleeping. What did you do that day before sleeping? It has to be seen as a type of film. But what is special about it. That is You have to watch this film upside down. Like if you analyze your activities at night. So the first thing you have to do is look at night. I ate my first meal. Later you came home from office work.

Then what did you do in the evening? Italian First of all you have to think about one day. When your strength of concentration will increase in a day. Then you will start going to the last moment of your life. By doing this, you will reach the beginning of life.

Then you will go till the last moment of memories of this life. Which is the moment of your birth? When you were in your mother's belly. And after that, you will first see the old form of your previous birth. This will happen. It also seems difficult to think. But my friends Our mind. Bah never forgets anything. Whatever has happened in our life. It is being stored in it. All you have to do is open the locks of that storeroom.

All other work will be done by itself.


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