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Those with low digestive power should drink milk at this time.

What is the right time to drink milk?

Is there any harm due to drinking milk without the right time? So let's know. Friends, we take many measures to maintain our health. But there is no benefit of doing this until we know the correct method of its use.

Without knowing anything, if you start anything. So it is harmful for your health. And you may have to face many diseases for life.

By mixing both a good meal and the time of eating it, we can keep our health right. So friends, today we are going to talk about milk. Since childhood when you were young. Your family must have forced you to drink milk. do you know. A proper amount of milk should be drunk. If you consume more milk than the quantity.

So it can also cause you a fiber problem. Due to which, it can turn into asthma and diseases.

Friends, if your digestive power is not strong. So you should not drink milk in the morning at all. People with low digestive power should consume milk only at night. According to doctors, you should consume milk 2 times a day. Whether you are small or big in age. Consuming milk does not decrease the amount of calcium in your body and if you are consuming milk since childhood.

So for long life, your bones will remain strong. You must have heard from many people that drinking milk causes phlegm. This is true. But not completely. Actually, not all milk is of the same kind. Beta-CM-7 protein is found in the milk of certain breeds of cows. Due to this protein, the quantity of phlegm in your body increases.


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