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Is it better to meditate while sitting in the asana?

Today we will know whether it is necessary to select a particular type of posture to meditate.

Every state of our body is connect deeply in the state of our mind. As if, if you say, that you stand up and sleep.So you can not do this at all. But if you say you lie down and sleep. So it will be very easy for you. If you stand up and meditate. So the first thing you will not be afraid to get laziness and in standing position. In meditation, which is the action of the body. It will happen easily. There will not be any problem in this.

Being by the action itself, you can easily go deep into meditation. These actions can not be done at the time of sitting or lying meditation. If you go into deep meditation, you will feel that your feet start dancing on their own. It is mandatory to have these actions when your body CHAKRA  is awake. Therefore, in earlier times the meditator were taught to meditate while sitting in the asana.Asanas like Sukh Asan, Padmasan etc, Because the movement is not possible in asana. The guru believed that if the seeker 

such actions will be done during meditation.So be considered as a mad man. so the asana were practiced. The easily movement of the body is in standing position. We go to press many things in our mind. Which does not get a way out. Like if you are in a state of anger. So do such would never do that,If you were in the normal state like abuse. Throw stones at someone. Do all this because of the thoughts you put in yourself. In the state of anger, only a few thoughts can come out.

Before going into deep meditation, it is necessary to come out of the thoughts buried inside. If you take years to go into deep meditation. If you take out the thoughts from inside and meditation, you will start getting results of deep meditation in a few months. Because your thoughts prevent you from taking you into deep meditation. When you get out of your all thoughts out. So you got the peak of meditation easily. All this is possible when you leave your body loose at the time of meditation.


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