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How the subconscious mind works

Hello friends, you must have heard a lot about the subconscious mind. That this mind is very powerful. The one who has taken control of this mind will have no difficulty in doing any work in the whole world. That person used to pinch every task. I can do very comfortably. But do you know how does this happen? What is this In our subconscious mind. If not, let's know something new.

Actually there are seven chakras in our body. It has been believed. Each chakra controls the different nature of our body. Like the first cycle controls our fear. Whose first cycle is activated. He will feel less afraid of anything. So similarly our fourth and fifth chakras are connected to our subconscious mind. When we are awake. So our mind has the most effect on our body.

Which is associated with the fifth cycle. The fifth cycle of Jesus will awaken as much. You will have that much control over your mind. And to go into the subconscious mind, we have to close this mind, which cannot happen without concentration. And our fourth chakra which is near the heart. In this, the memory of your old births keeps accumulating. And it also helps to control your desire.

As you may have noticed when you were a child. So you wanted to become a doctor. But as you grow older, your interest started changing. Now you want to be some horror. All this happens only when your resolve is not strong. To strengthen your resolve you have to put your fourth cycle.

Now let's talk. How to get into the subconscious mind. The first thing to keep in mind is this. That you can only go into the subconscious mind. When you could control this mind. By forgetting this mind, you can travel to your subconscious mind. There are many activities for this. But the easiest and quickest method is. Hypnosis, By using it, you can make any determination strong in your mind. In self-hypnosis, you have to instruct yourself.

Who you want to be What you want to do in your life to come. This is a very effective method. Must see once. Like you want to become rich. So close your eyes and realize that you become rich. That I have a car, there is a big beautiful bungalow, etc..

By doing this, you will get a different energy. Which will definitely help you reach your destination.


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