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We know about the most unlucky lottery person in the world.

All of you will surely feel that at some point in your life, some good amount will be put on the Bali Lottery and your way of life should change. But it is said that nothing is achieved without luck. Today we are going to talk about some such statements. With whom something happened. That you will be forced to listen to him and accept luck. Today he will talk a lot. Destiny's dead people who missed out on becoming millionaires.

Number one is {Joel Effergen}

Something like this happened that he felt like buying a lottery ticket. So it went right before 9 o'clock at night. Take a lottery ticket He bought 2 tickets. One of which was a ticket entry before 9. While the second ticket entry. It was 9.7 seconds. So the second ticket date went into the next week. But when the draw of the lottery came out, the second ticket number came.

The draw was valued at 27 million Canadian dollars. So he happily went to get his reward. So they came to know there. That his lottery draw date is next week.

So they were offended by this. And filed a case against the lottery company. This case lasted for 7 years. But to no avail. After all, the car lost that case. And with 27 million Canadian dollars, it also lost 1 million dollars.

Let's talk at second place {Timothy Elliott}

This brother was imprisoned for purchasing a lottery ticket. Yes, I heard it perfectly. Actually, the point was this. This person tried to rob the bank. So he was jailed for this reason. Because this person's mental balance was not right. So he was released early. And some restrictions were imposed on him for 5 years. Because of which he could not do any gambling work.

But still, he used to buy a lottery from his habit. So one day his fate was unlocked and he won a million dollars. After his victory, when his photos came on the news, the policemen recognized him. And jailed him. He fought a case against the policemen. Due to which he got lottery money.

But could not escape from jail. Now, what would he do with the lottery money in jail. So like this. He comes in the list of the most unlucky lottery takers.


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