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Let us know some very interesting things about the wall of China.

Many amazing buildings are found in our world. The wall of China is a very good example of this workmanship. Today we are going to tell you some exciting things about this wall. That you must have never heard before. So let's start.

We all know that. The wall of China is very long. But do you know what? What is its total length? If you do not know, then let me tell. This wall of China is 8,851.8 km long. This length is about 1.25 times the diameter of the earth.

It took almost 10 years to build this wall. Initially, the length of this wall was about 3100 miles. And 10 lakh laborers worked to build this wall. This work was very difficult for those workers. Because each laborer had to build a wall up to 1.6 feet in a year.

This wall was built to protect China. It is also known as the security wall. Genghis Khan also could not win over China because of this wall.

The Chinese wall is at least 2 thousand years old. And one thing to note. This wall is not a single wall but a combination of many walls. China's wall is built by connecting small walls.

When the China Wall was being built, almost 3 lakh laborers died while making it. Due to this, it is also known as the tallest cemetery in the world.


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