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Why pictures of gods are seen during meditation.

Know about the secret meditation.

You must have meditated sometime. We have different types of experiences in this meditation process from which we can estimate the progress in meditation. Can you, from the experience of meditation, estimate how far you are in the path of meditation? So let's know. This is the meditation secret.  After your meditation, you must have shared your experience with your meditation friends.


All of you must have seen strange scenes during meditation. Those people, places which you have never seen before. After all, why do you see this in meditation? Have you ever thought. What is the reason behind the appearance of these pictures. Let's try to understand. Often, those emotions get stored in your subconscious mind.

Which your conscious mind does not know. Like you go through a market. So you see thousands of people over there. But you cannot remember the faces of everyone in your mind and that memory goes into your subconscious mind. Meaning that the faces of all those people get stored in your subconscious mind.


Which your conscious mind does not know. When you are in the deep relaxation meditation state . That means when your mind starts to calm down. So the path between your conscious and subconscious mind starts to open. Some of which face or some place start to appear in your attention. You feel a bit unknown. While all these characters are seen by you. Many times you also see many Gods and Goddesses in meditation.

stage of meditation

Actually your brain capacity is much more than you think. As you wish Your mind starts showing it to you. Try a little experiment. Think of yourself as a your best friend. So after a few days, you will start to behave like that.

In the same way, your subconscious mind brings the same goddess or god to the fore. So, you also called this normal benefit of meditation. The one you want to see in front of you. Real meditation is a thoughtless state. Neither of these pictures, its elevation can be inferred. So next time a picture appears. So understand what happen with you.


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