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One who knows this truth never has to face sorrow

Hello friends, A lovely Good Morning to you all.

Today we are talking about what to worry about. 

Who cares what comes and goes? Like night and day, happiness and sorrow come and go.

When a child is born, there is doubt in everything, but there is no doubt in dying. 

Know what is a sure thing, then there will be no sorrow. Knowing the truth, what is sad?

The coincidence disconnection. Disconnection is prime, coincidence is not prime.

The human body is found for Satsang. Just as people go to perform satsangs, similarly human beings have come to birth with the satta, not to stay. The body is dying every minute, We are living is a misconception.

If you think the above-mentioned words are correct then do not forget to share with your friends and family.

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