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15 Immortal Sentences of Chanakya that will help you a lot in life.

1. The greatest strength of the world is the conscience of man and the beauty of a woman.

2. There is selfishness behind every friendship, it is a bitter truth.

3. Love your children well for the first five years. Give rigorous discipline and rites from six years to fifteen years.
Befriend them for sixteen years. Your child is your best friend. 

4. Learn from the mistakes of others; By experimenting on your own, your age will be reduced to learning.

5. No person should be very honest. Straight trees and individuals are cut first.

6. If a snake is not poisonous, it should still look poisonous, even if the bite is not.
But others should be made aware of their ability to bite.

7. Ask yourself three questions before starting any work…

Why am I going to do this?
What will be the result?
Will I be successful?


8. Do not let fear come nearer if it comes closer. Attack it, do not run away from it, face it.

9. Perform the work, do not be afraid of the result.

10. The spread of fragrance is a delight to the wind. But goodness spreads in all directions.

11. God dwells in character, not in pictures. Make your soul a temple.

12. A person is great by his conduct and not by birth.

13. People who are above or below your level, Do not make them friends, they will cause you trouble. Only friends of the same level are soothing.

14. Books are equally useful for the ignorant and the mirror for the blind.

15. Education is the best friend. An educated person always gets respect.

Both youth power and beauty are weak in front of the power of education.

So friends if you like it, don't forget to share it.


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