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Can meditation be achieved with the help of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a science. It can be used two-way. It can also be used for any evil and can be done for anyone's good. Through it, which are illusions in you. They can be broken.All types of meditation start with the action of hypnosis. In which your brain is taken to deep trance.Then it is suggested.

There is only one difference in hypnosis and meditation. That is the awareness.Meaning of witnessing Awareness of all its actions.What are you doing . What are you thinking, you know it.There is a awareness. Most of our lives go to sleep onlyWe do not know of it when we were young and when we were old. This is also a kind of hypnosis.There is a deep trance.To break it.

Meditation is the most collaborative action.When someone makes you hypnotized. neel He just Faint you. Hypnosis is nothing more than Faint. To avoid hypnosis, you have to maintain the testimony. If hypnosis is used to take fainting.On the contrary, it can be used to break your unconsciousness. The journey of our {soul} begins with our mind.Because we think only with our own mind. This journey is of two types. In the first {journey} you start to rotate within the mind.

Let yourself be confused with your thoughts. A misplaced situation is lost in a kind of maze. And on the other hand, you can go out of your mind by doing jatra.In both cases, you will have to go through your mind. The primary stage of hypnosis is this.Which of meditation. But the last step is different and the goal of both of them is different.

One basic element in the process of both is that, hypnosis wants. Immediate faints. Therefore, all the suggestions for hypnosis will start from sleep.In this first you will take you to a deep sleep. After that you will be suggested. If you are awake then you can never be hypnotized.Hypnotization can be work only on unconscious person.Hypnosis can be brought to a similar state of {Samadhi}.But remember that Hypnosis is not Samadhi.This is just the beginning of meditation.


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