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Fashion is a lifestyle influenced by our appearance.  A style trend in which people present themselves, long and entwined, unfolding never-ending an ever-evolving conversation is called as fashion.

According to Wikipedia what is fashion?

The appearance that gives the beauty freedom mystery and intoxication to people and inspires women subtle yet nonchalant sexuality. Fashion is the beauty as she takes in vintage and distills her baroque surroundings into the moody track “Just like a Dream.”

This is fashion through a young yet complex focal point.

Furor is a metaphor for desire, an interloper in a coy staircase love-chase where it’s unclear if the object is our female protagonist or her supple handbag.

Fashion is the set of an imaginary battle, a figment of childhood fantasy and has become a theater set for childlike obsession.

Having become a fashion-world it covers many things like specific items of clothing and accessories, beauty tips, trends in various apparel markets, celebrity fashion choices and street fashion trends. Nowadays, even mobile phones have become fashion items. It is not just a way of communicating but also an essential way of humping a statement about one’s personality.

So, in short fashion is not just a short term, it carries a lot to explore in it.


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