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Why do we snore at night?

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6 best tips to sleep better at night.

Today we know the 6 best tips to how to fall asleep fast.

Sleep is most important to achieve success in life. If you take your sleep well then you will be able to solve most of your life's problems. Do you know that we spend 25 years of our life sleeping. Even after sleeping, our sleep is not complete. Even after sleeping so much, We feeling waking up tired. In this article we know the 6 best tips to how to fall asleep fast and deep.

how to fall asleep fast

The reason behind this is the depth of sleep. Most of us are unable to sleep soundly. The reason is stress. Because of which we cannot get good sleep. According to the scientists, a normal human should sleep for 7-8 hours. But if this sleep is deep then only you will get the benefit.

So today we will tell you about those methods. With the help of which you can deepen your sleep and live a happy life.

How to get more deep sleep?

good night sleep well

Keep the mind away from senseless thoughts : Save your mind from garbage. We keep putting so many useless things in our mind during the day. Which has no meaning in our life.

When you sleep, your brain stores your memories of your day. Until all the memories are in store, you cannot sleep deeply. The more you remember your day, the more time your mind will take.

So you need that you get as much information as you need. If you want to deepen your sleep, then you have to avoid this waste. Try not to get hard for sleep. This method correct your poor sleep quality.

try not to get hard

Avoid radiation : If you sleep by keeping a mobile near you at bedtime. So you may have to face many difficulties to go to deep sleep. Because the rays emanating from mobile and wi-fi have a profound effect on your brain. Because of which you cannot go to deep sleep.

A scientific research has shown that if you have mobile or wi-fi running while sleeping. So your concentration also has a profound effect. Because of which you have to face great difficulty in doing small things throughout the day.

All mobiles have different radiation. So before buying mobile you must see how much radiation throws. If you want to sleep soundly. So you should stop using mobile half an hour before bedtime. This method improve your sleep quality.

how to get more deep sleep

Use omega 3 : Do you know that your food is very important for your deep sleep. If the chemical composition of your body is good, then your sleep will be deep. For which Omega 3 is the best. The elements present in it help you to go into deep sleep.

If you are non-veg, you will find it in fish and if you are vegetarian then you will get plenty of omega acid in walnuts, flax seed. So in this way your good food can give you a deep sleep.

Keep in mind that you should eat food 2 hours before bedtime.

how to sleep less

Sleep with the correct positions : To deepen your sleep, you must know how to sleep properly. If you sleep in the right position, you will get a lot of help in getting deep sleep. According to scientists, you should sleep on your left side. Which will help you to digest food easily.

You should never sleep with your head facing north or west. Because like the north and south pole of the earth, our body also has north and south poles. When the north pole of our body comes in the form of the north pole of the earth, the blood pressure of our body increases.

Because of which we do not sleep deeply. So we should head towards south and sleep. It's the best healthy sleep habits.

poor sleep quality

Sleep without thoughts : Your thoughts before sleeping tell the depth of your sleep. Most of us go to sleep in the beta stage. In this stage we get more thoughts. Due to which we do not achieve deep sleep. To get a deep sleep, we have to calm our thoughts before sleeping.

Meditation will be best for him. Sit in a meditative position 15 minutes before bedtime and concentrate on the front of your throat. Doing this will calm your thoughts quickly. So in this way when you fall asleep within 10 minutes of meditation then your whole sleep will be deep. This is the best ways to sleep.

best ways to sleep

Practice yoga sleep : This is the best way to get deep sleep. This is a little different from meditation. You have to do it by lying down. There are many ways to do this. But we are going to tell you about an easy way.

In which you have to lie down in a shavasana. Have to turn your palm towards the sky. After that, you have to take all your attention towards your whole body. Like first finger on the finger and then on the left hand side. While doing this, you have to aware of the whole body.

When you feel that your mind is calming down. Then take your attention towards your breath and go to sleep doing this activity.

Keep in mind that while doing this action, do not sleep.

How can I sleep better at night naturally?

Eating well is very important for a sound sleep. If your food is good, your body will be healthy and sleep will also deepen.

Today we will tell you about some food, by which you can improve your sleep.

1. Almonds

2. Kiwi

3. Fatty Fish

4. Walnuts

5. Oats

How long does it take to fall asleep?

ANS. It's depend on your mentally stress level.

Lifestyle tips for how to sleep less with great quality?

If you want the quality of your sleep to be good. So you will have to change your lifestyle. Due to which you can make your sleep better.

So today we are going to tell you about the changes in our lifestyle.

1. Don’t drink alcohol.

2. Don’t eat late in the evening.

3. Relax and clear your mind in the evening.

4. Get a comfortable bed, mattress, and pillow.

5. Exercise regularly — but not before bed.

6. Sleeping without a pillow.

 Friends, Good Night Sleep Well. 


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