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Mehendipur Balaji fixes problems related to ghosts.

Mehandipur fixes problems related to ghosts, but do you know that these people who bring problems related to ghosts, they never take Balaji's offerings with them, because of which reason they cannot be taken with the temple. Prasad Hanuman Ji's temple located in Dausa district of Rajasthan, which is popular by the name Mehandipur Balaji.

It lies between two hills, which is widely recognized among the people. But apart from devotion, superstition is also seen here. Because people say that the Balaji temple also gets rid of the upper winds, evil spirits and ghosts. Jitendra, who sells offerings at a shop called Bhoga Bhandar Balaji near the temple, said that many people come here, who are possessed by ghosts. According to Jitendra, whether it is really a ghost obstacle or not, people do it just like that, they do not know anything.

Suresh, another local shopkeeper, said, "The spirit of ghosts in the people is absolutely correct and people come here and recover. The effect starts in 4-5 days here. I guarantee that by coming here all the way The ghost of the upper air gets cured. "But when the prasad is taken home from the temple, it is said that" There is a fear of going along with the prasad from here as well as the shadow of the ghost. People do not take the offered offerings home.

According to the well-known psychiatrist, Dr. Sameer Parikh, "Most cases are caused by mental illness, as well as in different cases, all people see and understand differently." Dr. Sameer explained that "This is due to chemical imbares that are not under our control. This is one part, the other part is that we - the background you are from, the culture, the social network around you. Those. If there is a strong belief in people, then there is an increased tendency to believe in you."


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