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How to stop allergies immediately.

Today we will know how to stop allergies immediately.

Most of us get sick due to change of seasons. Which is called seasonal allergies. It is common to get sick from changing weather. But If you have frequent fever without changing the weather. So it is a very serious matter. It is a symptom of allergiesAllergies can be caused by anything.

symptom of allergies

Such as milk, fish or any vegetable etc. cannot give you relief from allergies. If you have to avoid allergies. So you have to follow the anti-allergy diet. So let's know. What is an anti-allergy diet?


It is detected by experiments. You can get rid of allergies by taking omega 3. Because it has anti-inflammatory property. Which helps in eliminating allergies.

seasonal allergies

Do not consume omega 6. This may cause more of your allergies. Rosemeric acid reduces allergies. Rosemeric acid is found in many medicines. Organo, Lemon Bom, Rosemary, Peppermint Thyme are the main ones.

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant. Which helps in eliminating the allergy from the root. Add magnesium-rich food such as cashew nuts, almonds, spinach, dark chocolate etc to your diet and include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.


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