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Causes of brain tumors and how to avoid this disease

We are going to talk about the brain tumor which is being seen in many people and the number of this disease is also increasing very fast, so today we are going to tell you why and how brain tumor occurs.

What is a brain tumor?

A brain tumor is a type of disease in which a tumor starts to build up between brain cells, which causes pressure on the brain and stops blood flow and headache. And the brain stops working properly.

Why and how brain tumors occur?

There is no single reason for having a brain tumor, there can be many reasons for this, according to scientists, this disease can be caused by people taking more tension and stress. Many researchers have also believed that due to being in more radiation, the brain tumor occurs also Maybe this is why many scientists refuse to use more phones.

It was also found in research that if a person lives in high radiation or near electrical wires where high voltage current is passing then the effect of his magnetic field can also cause the person to have brain tumor disease. So you should not build your house near big high voltage wires.

How to avoid a brain tumor?

According to scientists and doctors, if you want to avoid brain tumors, then you should always get in the habit of eating healthy food, do regular exercise or exercise and do not take much tension and stress because taking too much stress will cause a feeling called cortisol in your brain. Hormones are produced which can also cause brain tumors and Try to use mobile less. If you talk on mobile then try to use headphones or Bluetooth devices because the radiation of the mobile also increases the chances of a brain tumor.

So please take care of your health.


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