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What happen when the soul moves out of the body.

The soul is the most popular topic of today's time.

>>> What is the soul?

>>> Is our second birth?

>>> If the soul is in our body, then how does it enter and leave any other body at the time of death?

>>> When our soul leaves the body then what changes in our bodies.


This talk has certainly come at some time in your mind. Russian scientists have explored that matter. When the soul leaves our body. Then what changes are there in our body? Russia's famous scientist Constantin Corotco tried to prove this by using one of his experiments with what the soul relation with our body and how the soul leaves the body. To prove this point, he put one person in his school. Whose last breath was walking

Then he captured the activity of the person who was counting the last breath of life with the help of a Bio-electrographic camera. Then he saw that the energy of the navel and brain of the person's body was first ending. And then finally the energy of his heart and thighs began to dissolve. The scientists also researched those people.


The unnatural death that had been a victim of non-violence or accident. The scientist saw that the pattern of dissolution of energy in the body of those people was quite different. According to Constantin Corotko, those people who have died suddenly or after a long illness whose soul leaves the body, their body's energy loss is very low.

Therefore, his soul leaves the body while in a dilemma, which part of his body will die before it is not fixed. From this point of view, we can also apply this idea. Those who do not die of natural death. Their soul wanders.

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