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Lohri Celebrations - The Festival of Harvest

Wow … Look !! New year bought whom in its dock…. Festival of joy, fun, delight, enjoyment and much more. Yes friends you are right - its “Lohri ”
Wish you all a Very Happy Lohri !!!!!!

Lohri celebration is marked by the Lohri bonfire on 13th January of every year. On this day people set a bonfire in the evening, play music, dance and enjoy together. People move around the bonfire and add Jaggery, rewdi, groundnut, popcorn into the bonfire as a part of the puja. Sweets and delicacies are distributed among each other. 

Lohri is known by different names in different regions. Most commonly it is known as the festival of harvest. This festival is celebrated in many parts of the country but is the key festival of Punjabi's. This vibrant festival is celebrated to mark the cultivation of sugarcane and crops with tremendous enthusiasm.

People of India celebrate the Lohri festival with lots of joy and happiness like many other festivals. It is one of those festivals which give an opportunity to family and friends to gather together and spend some quality time. On this occasion, people visit their friends and family and distribute sweets. This festival is particularly significant for farmers as it is considered to be a season of harvest. People celebrate the festival by lighting up a bonfire and dancing and singing around bonfires. While singing and dancing around the fire, people put popcorn, gur, rewaries, sugar-candies and sesame seeds into that fire.

On this day, in the evening a puja ceremony is held in every household. This is the time when people get a blessing from the almighty by doing parikrama and offering Pooja. According to the customs and rituals, on this day people eat foods like Makki ki roti with Sarson ka Saag, gur, gazak, til, moongphali, and Prasad. In addition to that people also wear new clothes and perform Bhangra which is a folk dance of Punjab. For farmers, this day marks the beginning of a new financial year. For newlywed couples and newborn babies this festival also holds great importance. On this day newlywed brides get gifts from all the family members and they are supposed to wear all the ornaments that brides usually wear on their marriage day.

It is also believed that this festival is as old as the Indus valley civilization itself. Some people believe that this festival is celebrated to welcome the spring season and bid goodbye to the winter season. 

Earlier this festival of Lohri was celebrated by gifting each other Gajaks, while now in the contemporary world the trend has been changing gradually and people prefer gifting chocolates and cakes instead of gajaks. Nowadays, with the increasing threat to the environment with the booming pollution agents people have become more aware preferring not to light up bonfires and avoid cutting on more trees, plants for lighting up bonfires on Lohri. Instead, they celebrate Lohri festival by planting more and more trees so that they can contribute to the environmental protection in the long run.

So let’s celebrate this Lohri 2020 - the festival of harvest with great fervor, fun, and joy while keeping environment safety in our minds. 


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