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Know about Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer.

Where you will get important information about symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

Pancreas are very important part of our body. It is found in the back of our stomach. Its length is about 15 cm. Its function is to digest food and control the sugar in the blood.

symptoms of pancreatic cancer

This organ has two important functions:

1. Making enzymes that are helpful in digesting carbohydrates, proteins and fat in the intestines.

2. Manufacturing of insulin and glucagon hormones

What are the types of pancreatic cancer stages.

1. Stage 1

2. Stage 2

3. Stage 3

4. Stage 4

So now we know about pancreatic cancer.

This is very dangerous. Because initially, pancreatic cancer symptoms are not seen. In more cases, it is then known. When the affected cells size becomes large. In stage 4 pancreatic cancer, when a person starts treatment. Even after that there is no estimate of its recovery.

pancreatic cancer stages

What type of pancreatic cancer is there.

1. Exocrine Cancer

2. Endocrine Cancer

Signs of pancreatic cancer : Its symptoms do not appear until it reaches the advanced stage. If you suddenly start having such problems, then you must check for pancreatic cancer.

1. Stomach and back pain

2. Sudden Weight Loss

3. Digestive problems

4. Frequent fever

5. Loss of appetite

6. Increased skin dryness

7. Restlessness or vomiting

8. Jaundice

9. Pale or Gray Stool

10. High Blood Sugar

Friends, here was the list of pancreatic cancer signs. If you have suddenly come across such symptoms in your body, then definitely do a pancreatic cancer test.


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