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If you also sleep with feet in this direction, then be careful

The first thing is that you should not sleep immediately after having dinner at night. If you like music before sleeping, then listen to music. We should not sleep with head towards north direction, we are often forbidden to sleep by keeping head towards north direction.

This rule applies to our country as well as all over the world. So now let us tell you which direction is considered best to sleep so that after today you will head towards the same direction and sleep.

Heading towards the south is considered to be best. Taking sleep by heading towards the south, increases both wealth and age. You should never sleep on foot towards the south, this destroys your wealth. It is most appropriate for children to sleep by keeping the head in the east direction because it increases their memory power.

Which proves helpful in their education. Do not sleep while facing towards the west, the worries of the person who sleeps by facing towards the west become strong. Those who are businessmen should sleep towards the south direction to forget the worries of the day and for stress-free sleep.


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