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Yoga asana is born in a state of deep meditation.

From the deep experience of meditation, it is known that the body takes a lot of shape in meditation. Actually, the shape of the body varies corresponding to the condition of the mind also. As in the case of love, your body is in a different condition and when you are angry, then your face and its gesture become completely different. The expression of your face in anger will never be such just like in the time of love. All this is made up of the combination of mind and body. Your body will react according to thought inside your mind. 

When there is a change within the body. So the body also has to adjust itself for that change. Just like that Kundalini has emerged in your body. To give a path, your backbone will take a lot of shapes. When the Kundalini awakens. So your body had to take a shape that was never taken by yourself. The situation of sleep is also different from everyone. As the wild man does not need a cushion.

While the man in the city will not sleep without a pillow. Because it is necessary for your sleep to reduce blood flow in your head. So the wild man less the use of his brain. So blood flow in his head is very low. Whereas the man of the city needs a lot of pillows to decrease the flow of blood in his head. When our separate chakras are awakened, different asana builds up. Now, the opposite thing came out to us. If we do these actions, will our meditation be available?

To understand this, you have to understand that all the meditator do not have same experience int the time of n Kundali Jagaran. Everyone's experiences are different. Because everyone's views are different. Everyone's diet is different. Understand as an example. If the Kundalini of a meditator is awake and at that time the flow of blood in his head is very low. Then his mind says. Put your head downwards and feet in an upward direction. Because more blood reaches in the head. But everyone will not mind.

Because the blood ratio is different in everyone's head. So the birth of each asana will be according to the meditator situation. Which is a different position of a different meditator? Therefore, now only the activities of yoga remain. The Logic behind him is going to forget all.

So in this way, yoga postures were born in meditation.


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