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Do you have full control over your senses?

It is very surprising that in the nudist clubs of the West, especially America, where people play naked women and men, they jump, sit, meet, have a strange experience, which was not thought of. It is generally our belief that a woman will feel more disturbed while being naked, will feel shy, but this experience has not happened. 

The number of nudist clubs in the world, the result of all of them is that women are ready to get naked very quickly, men are irritating. But this thing is in harmony with yoga. Only the man will disturb.

Because the lust of the woman is not revealed by the body; The lust of the man is immediately manifested, so the man is more afraid to get naked. He is covered in clothes, walks with his gentleness, courtesy, and saintliness. Otherwise, every beautiful woman impresses him.

And that effect is not just on the mind, instant… because there is a slight vibration in the mind - center, mind that it gets affected immediately. The male's genitalia will immediately report that it is lustful.

He saves eyes, does everything, it doesn't matter. And a very important thing is that you can cheat all the organs in the body, you cannot cheat the genitals. He is the most authentic, authentic sense. You have to open your eyes, you can close. If you want to close, you can open it.

You can take the opposite thing from the eye, but not from the genitals. If the genitals are filled with sex, then you cannot do anything. And if not filled, you can do nothing to fill it. The genitals are automatic. There is so much energy in it that it moves itself.

In all the naked clubs, it was felt that the man is afraid of being naked, hesitant, scared. Women are not afraid at all, because a woman's body is negative, passive, negative. His genitals are hidden. There is no need to hide it.

He does not reveal what is happening within him. Then, because the woman's entire work is inactive, she will not be awake until she is awakened. Man's work is aggressive; He is awake.

A little chinkara needs to be awakened. The clothes man has searched to hide sex, to cover. Whenever you have the slightest idea that the sex sensation is activated and sex is full, you immediately close the eye, shrink the whole device upwards, and fill it with the same notion that the energy goes upwards Is flowing Or hurt Hu.

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