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With the help of Yoga nidra you can get rid of all worries.

Yoga Nidra is a very unique method by which it can be easily relieved of all its worries. We do all the activities of yoga in the awakened state. But Yoga Nidra is such an action which we can lay down. In Yoga Nidra, you are able to experience all the symptoms of deep sleep on the body and mind while still in full consciousness.

Yoga Nidra is that sleep, In which we get awake while reaching the sleep stage. The condition between gold and waking is only Yoga Nidra. It can be considered the situation between the dream and the waking. It is a nap Jesse or say that is like a semi-conscious state. In his plays and movies, Lord Vishnu sleeps in this sleep. So let's start. Yoga Nidra can be done from 10 minutes to 45 minutes.

yoga nidra


Caution: Should be an open space for Yoga Nidra. Do not try to sleep as long as possible And concentrate on the movement of your breath. Yoga Nidra has six phases .


In the first phase >>> Laying a valley or mat in a clean place and lying on the Shava Asna posture.Wearing comfortable clothes. Both feet on the ground are about one foot away. Hold the palm at six inches from the waist and keep the eyes closed.

In the second phase >>> After this, try stabilizing the whole body. Please suggest to your mind-brain that I am calm. Keep your breath in mind during this time.

In the third phase >>> Now imagine that all the organs of your body have become relaxed. Then say to yourself that I am going to practice {Yoga Nidra}. Repeat this three times and leave a deep breath and continue to take it.

yoga nidra

In The Fourth stage >>> Now take your mind to different parts of the body and instruct them to be relaxed and stressless. Keep the whole body in a peaceful condition. Feel that pain and suffering are exiting from the whole body and I am feeling happy. Take a deep breath

In the fifth phase >>> Then take your mind to the right part of the body. Order all the right limbs to be frozen from the toe to the head.

In the sixth phase >>> Likewise, relaxes the left body parts too. Simple breathe and leave. Now lie down and take breaths in and out five times. Breath is so deep that came to touch your stomach.


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