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This is the 10 mysteries of Ramayan that you have rarely ever heard before.

You have learned about the entire Ramayan in our previous blog. In which we have told the whole of the seven Kand in Ramayana's. But friends, there is some such secret about Ramayana too. Which is not written in any text or Upanishad. But he has been verbally told this mystery from one generation to the next. Today we will talk about the 10 such mysteries of Ramayana. Which you have never heard these mysteries.

So let's know. About the 10 secrets of Ramayan

>>> When Shri Rama was born Then was the navmy of the Shukla paksha of Chaitra month. At that time the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Guru, and Venus were in their high places and moon with Jupiter in Lagna of Shri Ram. This planet Dasha is considered to be the best. The child born at this time is supernatural.


>>> When King Dasharath exiled Shri Ram. Then he was 27 years old. King Dasharath did not want to exile Rama from his heart. But the words given to Keikei were forced to the king's. When there was no remedy to stop Rama, then the king had told Rama to this extent. Let me captive and become a king myself.


>>> We all know it. Because of the sarupanaka, Ravana kidnapped Sita. But we do not know that Shruapanaka had cursed Ravana to be annihilated in his mind. Because Ravan killed the husband of Sharapanakna.For this reason, he cursed in his mind, that I become the cause of your destruction.


>>> When Hanuman was setting fire to Lanka. Then they found Shani Dev in captivity of Ravana's closet. At that time, Hanuman freed Shani Dev from the bondage of Ravana. Because of which Shani Dev gave a boon to Hanuman. Who will be your devotee? I will never get any problem on that person. For this reason, Hanuman Chalisa is recited in the temples on Saturday.


>>> Do you know. Sita which was kidnapped by Ravana was not real Sita. Rather, it was his reflection. This thing has happened then. When Shri Rama killed Khar and dushan. So Ram said to Sita, now Ravana will play some trick. Then at that time, Rama Called the god of fire And mother Sita entered the fire with the order of Shri Ram and Brahma Ji made his reflection in place of real Sita.


>>> Now you may have come to know. What was the reason for, Ram taking fire test of Sita? Because by returning the reflection of Sita to the god of fire and receive the real Site from the God of fire.

>>> There was a lot of difference between today's and ancient monkeys. At that time, the name of the ancient monkey was Kapi. The creatures of this race were the middle of the species of humans and monkeys. Whose face and tail were like a monkey And the other parts of the body were like humans. Is called. In the Bali island of Indonesia's, the man with tail is still found.

>>> Friends, Did you know. Who first narrated the story of Ramayana. So the answer is Lord Rama's son Love and Kush, Yes guys, Luv Kush narrated the story of Ramayana first to his father Ram.

>>> When Shri Ram and his army built the bridge then its length is 100 Yojan and width is 10 Yojan. According to the Ramayana, it took about 5 days to build the bridge. In which

   First day 14th Yojan 

>>> Second day 20th Yojan

>>> Third day 21th Yojan

>>> Fourth day 22th Yojan

>>> Fiftht day 23th Yojan

Had built the bridge.

Let me tell you, that there is 13 km in 1 Yojan.

>>> Friends, it is a surprise, The Ramayana was composed by that time. When Ram was not born too. It was composed by Maharishi Valmiki and this epic contains 24 thousand verses, 500 subdivisions, and 7 khands.


So friends, this was the 10 selected secrets of Ramayan. If you like this secret, do not forget to share it with your friends. if you  got hurt by any thing so forgive us. 


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