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Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the field in which one can opt for both businesses as well as a job. Even fresher from any stream can opt for digital marketing. Nowadays even business executives and speculators prefer digital marketing to bring their business plan into action.  Internet marketing is in demand because in today’s world almost everything is getting digitized.

Online marketing refers to delivering the advertisements and marketing of products or services using various digital technologies such as applications, mobile phones, email, search engines, etc. and other digital mediums.

As digital platforms are increasingly assimilated into marketing strategies and everyday life and also people most probably prefer to use digital devices for shopping and other activities instead of visiting physically to outlets and banks etc. for their work done, so this field is becoming more prevalent and efficient.

In today’s world customers start searching their needs online and make decisions about their needs instead of communicating with the representative. This is the reason why today digital media is making its way in market development

Today digital media is becoming day by day necessity of consumers rather than a way of fun and passing time because consumers became highly determined by digital media in their daily lives.

                                                                      What is Digital Marketing Objectives

The digital marketing objective is to achieve your purpose of creating a site and your business pursuit on the web. Internet marketing is to rank your website on the top of the google search engine result page and converting the visitors or viewers of the website into your valuable customers or clients.

So in order to achieve your goal of ranking your website on the top of the various search engines result page, one needs good training in an internet marketing course and has proper knowledge about internet marketing. Internet marketing helps to increase your website visitors and get return visitors also. With the help of internet marketing, you can also make your website visitors stay for long on your website landing page.

This training can help you to become one of the leading online marketing professionals and all of the above pursuits can be attained only if you are a well trained online marketer.
                                                                                    Digital Marketing Modules

 Digital marketing modules include:- 

1)  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - It is a process used for web page optimization involving manipulation of keywords.
2) SMM (Social Media Marketing) - It is a process of promoting your business through social media.
3) SEM (Search Engine Marketing) - It is a process of ranking your website on the search engine result page.
4)  SMO (Social Media Optimization) - It is similar to SEO and is a way for implementing ORM and is used to create content and share via web links or social media eg: facebook, twitter
5)   Content Marketing - It is a process of creating unique and rich content for a targeted audience.
6)  Inbound Traffic (When a customer is looking for us), Outbound Traffic (When we are looking for a customer)
7)    Google Adwords - Advertising service by Google used by advertisers.
8)   PPC (Pay Per Click) - Used for directing traffic on websites using paid links.
9) ORM (Online Reputation Management) - Used for reputation monitoring of either an individual/group or a brand. It tries to highlight positive search results instead of negative search results.
10) Email Marketing and other various processes of internet marketing.

So this is how digital marketing made its way into everyone’s lives and became one of the leading platforms.


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