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India vs Pakistan - know these interesting facts.

Today we will talk about the facts of India vs Pakistan. Know which country is better in which subject. So let's know. Interesting facts about Ind vs Pak, which you will never know before.

Know about the facts of India vs Pakistan.

India vs Pakistan

India :

1. The total population of this country is about 135 crores. It has become the most populous country in the world. India's Uttar Pradesh population is more than Pakistan's opposition.

2. The area of ​​India is 30 lakh km Square. It comes at number 7 in the world.

3. Here the National Language is Hindi. But 21 languages ​​are spoken in our country. Which is seen equally.

4. Percentage of educated people in India is 74. Friends, India state- Bihar which is considered to be the most backward. The number of educated people is 63%. Which is more than Pakistan

5. 21% of the people in India are poor. Meaning it is difficult to eat two time meals.

6. India has Active Military 10,40000. In this case India comes at number three.

7. The richest person in India is - Mukesh Ambani. Which has a net worth of 45 billion dollars. If he wants, he can buy the whole of Pakistan.


Pakistan :

1. The total population of this place is 21 crores.

2. The area of ​​Pakistan is - 7,96,095 km Square

3. National Language of Pakistan is Urdu. While only 5% people use Urdu. Where the most spoken language is Punjabi.

4. Percentage of educated people in Pakistan is 58.

5. The number of poor people in Pakistan is 39%.

6. Pakistan has active military 6,43,800.

7. Pakistan's richest man is Shahid Khan. Which has a net worth. 7 billion.

So friends, these were some of the best facts of India vs Pak.

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