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Know about the most mysterious spy story in world war 1 time.

An strange story occurred in the world war 1.

Today we will talk about a strange incident in the First World War. It would be difficult to believe this incident. The First World War had just begun.

world war 1

In 1914, a French officer caught a German detective . The detective was named "Peter Corpen". The French officer kept the matter secret and behaved as nothing happened, and during his arrest, they kept the activities of the detective as nothing had happened to him. French officer continued to misinform Germanians as Peter Corpen.


When the German government sent money to Peter Korpan, he would keep it with him. After some time, the French officials bought a car with that collected money and then the detective got a chance to get out and he got out of their hold. He wanted to go to his country early and on the other side, the French officer was driving the car bought with the detective's money.

spy story

A sudden accident occurred and a person was killed after coming down to that car. When investigated, it was revealed that he was the same detective. Who had escaped from the French hold. Peter Corpen's accident was from a car bought with his own money. Had the accident not happened. I would never know. That a detective named Peter Corpen was ever caught by French authorities.

I think this is the story of the day.

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