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If this deficiency of India is overcome, then some thing will be different

Jack Ma, China's richest person says -

If you put a banana and a lot of money in front of the monkey, the monkey will pick up the banana, not the money. Because he does not know that many bananas can be bought with money.

In the same way, today, if in reality, the people of India will be asked to fulfill personal interest, and choose one of national security, then they will choose personal interest only. Because they do not understand that if the nation is not safe, then where will they take the bundle of personal interests? Nowadays three paradox trends are going on

First - India is a poor country, so don't want bullet trains. But India is so rich that it can sustain millions of Rohingya.

Second - from the mosque, the country's fifty-six very expensive lawyers and Subramanian Swamy alone from the temple side !!

Third - Opposition to GST is seen in the country, but ever seen opposition to the increasing population?

The joke is that two children pay tax and ten people take subsidy. You may dislike the above but it is worth considering !! One more fact - India was great... It was a mine of heroes. Still a slave to the Mughals. Why ??

Because "one Hindu king stood away from another Hindu king due to personal opposition and was adamant on supporting the Mughals".


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